Hi there,

I’m Sirpa Mastall from Düsseldorf, Germany.

Having had the privilege to be born in this rich country, I took the chances I’ve got. Beside my work, I travel as much as possible. I love to get closer to different cultures, way of living and sceneries. I’m not a photographer; I just like to capture a moment.
My desire is to strengthen mindfulness, raise awareness for the beauty of our Mother Earth and it’s huge diversity of creatures. I simply like you for a length of a breeze to enjoy the miracle of our planet.

A photograph is a secret about a secret. Diane Arbus

So, please explore the secretes in my Galleries!

You are also welcome to have a look to my thoughts and news in my Blog and if you like, leave positive /constructive feedback here.

For those who are curious about my gear, here’s what I use.

Peace be upon you!

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