Milan – an unexpected love affair

Somehow I never had a big desire to travel to Italy, besides Tuscany a destination on my wish list, but somehow with lower priority.

So what made me to book a flight to Milan, a city basically known to me only as shopping paradise; not so interesting to me. Though having some ex-colleagues there was the crucial decision maker. I simply wanted to see them again. So just checked with them some dates when and if it suits them; off I go. Bought a flight ticket and a really super cool good value boutique Hotel with very friendly staff, B&B Hotel MILANO Sant’Ambrogio.

One day before I left, I did just a quick research with my friend Googli, to read a bit about Milan. And what popped up? Milan is not Italy, it is ugly,…and so on… besides impressive images from Duomo di Milano. So my expectations were… very low.

Arrived Friday evening with about one hour delay, but coming from DUS at  8°C and arriving at a very pleasant evening at 19°C with a beautiful soft and sweet-green aroma in the air, not a bad start at all.

Having my troubles to find the right bus to the city…bus driver denied my question if he is heading to centre….I just took the next one, without asking any more as it must have been the right one…and then … the world is a village… who was in the bus: Mario, the Sicilian owner from Caffé Enuma, just around the corner of my home! Mario and his son come regular to Milan as they have lots of friends there and simply love Milan.  I reported them my situation and my feelings about the city. They enthusiastic told me a lot about the beauty of this place and suggestions & tips what I should do and see.

They demonstrated big hospitality by bringing me to the Duomo, giving me even a 48 hour metro ticket and even wanted to bring me to my hotel which was another 20 minutes walk from there.

Having experienced so much helpfulness, I was already in a blessed mood, but seeing all the architecture and then the Duomo fully illuminated with superb street musicians next to it, I was in heaven. Just sit there to consume this special vibe.

The entire two days, although Sunday was heavily rainy and very cold after a superb Summer Saturday, I was flashed away by the beauty of art, ancient history, design, architecture, interior, small boutiques, the metro system, the parks, the atmosphere in the small alleys and the single districts, the incredible street musicians everywhere, who played even operettas.

Although being not a Christian, experiencing the worship on a Sunday morning in the Duomo, in such an awesome Cathedral with a mist of frankincense in the air, some rainy sunlight falling through the windows and listening to a chorister with such an incredible acoustic, that simply gets you a goosebumps. So touched by the  pure beauty being, here and now!

And finally , friendly Italians, despite the huge amount of tourists they have to cope with.

Just the food did unfortunate not really please me that much. Guess I was simply at the wrong places. But falling in love with Milan, I booked my next trip already, time to do more testing on delicate Italian foods ;-).

Milan, see you again in October ♥