Support the Nomadic Residential School Puga in Changtang – Ladakh – Update 2016


Dear donators,

Cause there was a change in the Paying Services Supervision Act (ZAG), and my project is not recognized as charitable, can’t accept donations for my project as of 1 November 2016 anymore.

Therefore, I had to pay off the donations (226.00 €) prematurely. I will definitely continue to report on this here and implement the money in the next year in material for the school accordingly.

Whether I will make a donation call on another platform, I do not know yet, because I’m missing the time. Otherwise, I’ll handle it as in 2014 & 2015, and just collect myself directly as soon as I know when I’ll be in Ladakh in 2017.

Thanks a lot for your understanding.

Thank you very much for your donations!

Jullay Sirpa

Liebe Spender,

da es eine Änderung im Zahlungsdiensteaufsichtsgesetzes (ZAG) gab, und mein Projekt nicht als gemeinnützig anerkannt ist, kann ab 1. November 2016 keine Spenden für mein Projekt mehr annehmen.

Daher musste ich die Spenden (226,00 €) vorzeitig auszahlen lassen. Ich werde auf jeden Fall weiter hier darüber berichten und das Geld im kommenden Jahr vor Ort entsprechend in Material für die Schule umsetzen.

Ob ich einen erneuten Spendenaufruf über ein andere Plattform machen werde, weiß ich nicht genau, da mir gerade die Zeit und Muße dazu fehlt. Ansonsten werde ich es wie im Jahr 2014 & 2015 handhaben, und nur direkt über mich sammeln sobald ich weiß, wann es 2017 wieder nach Ladakh geht.

Ich danke für Euer Verständnis.

Herzlichen Dank für eure Spenden!

Jullay Sirpa

Milan – an unexpected love affair

Somehow I never had a big desire to travel to Italy, besides Tuscany a destination on my wish list, but somehow with lower priority.

So what made me to book a flight to Milan, a city basically known to me only as shopping paradise; not so interesting to me. Though having some ex-colleagues there was the crucial decision maker. I simply wanted to see them again. So just checked with them some dates when and if it suits them; off I go. Bought a flight ticket and a really super cool good value boutique Hotel with very friendly staff, B&B Hotel MILANO Sant’Ambrogio.

One day before I left, I did just a quick research with my friend Googli, to read a bit about Milan. And what popped up? Milan is not Italy, it is ugly,…and so on… besides impressive images from Duomo di Milano. So my expectations were… very low.

Arrived Friday evening with about one hour delay, but coming from DUS at  8°C and arriving at a very pleasant evening at 19°C with a beautiful soft and sweet-green aroma in the air, not a bad start at all.

Having my troubles to find the right bus to the city…bus driver denied my question if he is heading to centre….I just took the next one, without asking any more as it must have been the right one…and then … the world is a village… who was in the bus: Mario, the Sicilian owner from Caffé Enuma, just around the corner of my home! Mario and his son come regular to Milan as they have lots of friends there and simply love Milan.  I reported them my situation and my feelings about the city. They enthusiastic told me a lot about the beauty of this place and suggestions & tips what I should do and see.

They demonstrated big hospitality by bringing me to the Duomo, giving me even a 48 hour metro ticket and even wanted to bring me to my hotel which was another 20 minutes walk from there.

Having experienced so much helpfulness, I was already in a blessed mood, but seeing all the architecture and then the Duomo fully illuminated with superb street musicians next to it, I was in heaven. Just sit there to consume this special vibe.

The entire two days, although Sunday was heavily rainy and very cold after a superb Summer Saturday, I was flashed away by the beauty of art, ancient history, design, architecture, interior, small boutiques, the metro system, the parks, the atmosphere in the small alleys and the single districts, the incredible street musicians everywhere, who played even operettas.

Although being not a Christian, experiencing the worship on a Sunday morning in the Duomo, in such an awesome Cathedral with a mist of frankincense in the air, some rainy sunlight falling through the windows and listening to a chorister with such an incredible acoustic, that simply gets you a goosebumps. So touched by the  pure beauty being, here and now!

And finally , friendly Italians, despite the huge amount of tourists they have to cope with.

Just the food did unfortunate not really please me that much. Guess I was simply at the wrong places. But falling in love with Milan, I booked my next trip already, time to do more testing on delicate Italian foods ;-).

Milan, see you again in October ♥

Jullay – from the Changpa Nomads Kids

Fund-Raising Nomadic Residential School *Reloaded * JullayMy Fund-raising call for the Nomadic Residential School in Puga – Ladakh is a while ago. Here is now the promised report of my  second “mission” you might have longed for ;-)

Those of you who sponsored the project should have received the personal „Jullay“ postcard last week.

Jullay: pronounced joo-lay, an all purpose word for hello, goodbye, thank you. Use it always!

So what happened: keep on reading here

Thanks a lot for trusting me!!!

In case you like to go a step further with me and the project, you are welcome to support the school in the future via the great crowd-funding platform and their amazing team.

Following you can find the Link to my new campaign:

Support the Nomadic Residential School Puga in Changtang – Ladakh

lovely greetings,
Sirpa ♥


Mein Spendaufruf für die Nomadic Residential School in Puga – Ladakh ist schon eine Weile her. Hier ist nun der versprochene Bericht über meine zweite “Mission” den du sicherlich schon erwartet hast :-)

Diejenigen von euch, welche das Projekt unterstützt haben, sollten bereits letzte Woche die persönliche “Jullay” Postkarte erhalten haben.

Jullay: joo-lay gesprochen, ein Allzweck-Wort für Hallo, auf Wiedersehen, ich danke Ihnen. Verwende es, immer!!!

Also, was ist passiert: hier könnt ihr weiterlesen

Vielen Dank für euer Vertrauen!

Wer mit mir und dem Projekt noch weitergehen mag, kann auf der tollen Crowdfunding Plattform und ihrem großartigen Team die Schule in Zukunft weiter supporten!

Nachfolgend findest du den Link zu meiner neuen Kampagne:

Unterstütze die Nomadic Residential School Puga im Changtang – Ladakh

Herzliche Grüße
Sirpa ♥

Fund-Raising Nomadic Residential School *Reloaded *

Fund-raising Nomadic Residential School CoverMy dear friend / follower / Earth Citizien,

I’m soon off for India again to my beloved Ladakh:-)

As last year, I’ll be visiting  the Nomads in Changtang Plateau and their Nomadic school, trying to  support them again with a contribution to whatever is needed to improve their conditions in this high altitude.

So in case you missed it last year although you wanted to help or  simply like to support my approach this year, I’ll be happy to collect whatever you can give money wise. Already have 50 € (3,430 INR) from two late birds from 2014 ;-)

You’ll find more info in the flyer here. When back, a post with pictures will follow same as last year.

I thank you already for your support until 4th September 2015, big or small amount, it doesn’t matter, of course big ones are more than welcome:-), but what counts is your support for the future of the Nomadic children! 100% of the funds will got to the school.

Thanks a lot!

lovely greetings,
Sirpa ♥


Mein lieber Freund / Follower / Erdenbewohner,

Ich bin bald wieder in Indien, meinem geliebten Ladakh:-)

Wie letztes Jahr werde ich wieder die Nomaden im Changtang Plateau und deren Nomadenschule besuchen. Erneut möchte ich versuchen mit einem Beitrag zu unterstützen, was immer benötigt wird um ihre Bedingungen in dieser Höhe zu verbessern.

Also, falls ihr es im letzten Jahr versäumt habt obwohl ihr unterstützen wolltet oder einfach dieses Jahr gerne mein Projekt nach vorne bringen wollt, freue ich mich über jede Spende (monetär) egal was dir möglich ist. Ich habe  bereits  50 € (3.430 INR) von zwei Spätzündern aus 2014 ;-)

Im Flyer hier findest Du mehr Infos. Wenn ich zurück bin werde ich wie im letzten Jahr einen Beitrag mit Bildern auf meiner Website veröffentlichen.

Ich danke Dir jetzt bereist für Deine Unterstützung bis zum 4. September 2014, ob ein großer oder kleiner Betrag, große sind natürlich sehr willkommen:-), aber was zählt, ist Deine Unterstützung für die Zukunft der Nomadenkinder! 100% der Spende geht an die Schule.

Vielen Dank!

Herzliche Grüße,
Sirpa ♥

Do you listen to Nature?

Listen to Mother Nature ?⛅? and think about it at the weekend….Mother doesn’t need us, but we… so called Humans ….? We are nothing….without her

Nature is speaking is a great project by Conservation International!

Wishing you a devoted weekend ahead?,



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